Welcome to Rose’s Fine Yarns’ Knitters Corner.

Welcome to Rose’s Fine Yarns’ Knitters Corner. This is where we will keep you up to date on what is new at Rose’s Fine Yarns and let you know what is on our needles.  Any new trends or exciting yarn you can find out about here in Knitters Corner.

Now that Christmas is fast approaching I am working on lots of knitting projects.  I have just fininshed off some Bergere de France Opal socks and they turned out great. On my needles ( one set anyway)  I am working on a loose cable cowl in Diamond Mulberry Merino and so far it looks very luxurious.  I am hoping it turns out well and I can make a few as Christmas presents.  Boot toppers are another big item this season and luckly they knit up quickly so there will be a few pairs of those under the tree as well.  Any leftover yarn I will be using to make up some fingerless gloves.  I haven’t figured out who to make it for, but there is a great fish hat by Thelma Egberts on Ravelry that I would like to make if I have time.