Try it you might like it

How often do you avoid trying something because it might be too hard or you might not like it?  You never know you may love it.  Some of us are naturally more adventuresome than others and are willing to try almost anything but there are others of us who just get stuck in a rut and stick with what is comfortable.  I do this in my knitting as well as in other things in life – same old recipes, same stores… I usually like to stick to small knitting projects socks, hats fingerless gloves – all usually with not too much pattern so I can do it without paying attention.

Recently I started a cable knit sweater pattern.  Initially I thought I don’t really want to do this.  There are 4 different cables to figure out, keep track of and count.  The one cable has 28 stitches in it.  Besides if I start it I may never finish it.  Well, I dove in and had to rip out the first rows a few times but now I have the hang of the pattern and I can actually watch TV while doing it.  I am enjoying the challenge of something new and it looks really nice.

So maybe we all need to try something new, whether it be in knitting or or other areas of our life.  Hmm… maybe I should try…