Fall Preview

This weekend I got to go check out what is new for this fall.  I saw some really nice new things and some great new colours and a few things i am not sure what you would do with them.

King Cole has some great new colours in their Splash DK which some of you may have seen in the store.  I have a little rolled brim hat knit up in the store in purple.  They also have a great new tweed DK yarn called Country Tweed DK that is an acrylic and wool mix baby yarn with a great tweed look.  There is a polar fleese yarn that looks like strips of polar fleece and oh so soft that would be great for blankets

Baby Bunting  There is also a new big chunky yarn that is for baby blankets and the pattern comes on the back of the ball label.  More of my customers are looking for big chunky yarn for baby blankets so this will be great for that.  It is knit on 9 mm needles so it will go fast.

There are two British yarns that are now going to be available in Canada, Baa,Ram Ewe and West Yorkshire Spinners.  Both of these companies supply high quality wool yarns with Bluefaced Leicester being a large component.

Katia has some new unique yarns including one that looks like it could be used to make a pot scrubber or whisk.  They have a new sock yarn as well.  Diamond has come out with their own new sock yarn which is a bargain at $8.99 for a 100 gm ball.

Of course Debbie Bliss has some new colours as do Noro and Sirdar.  Some of the new colours are really bright.

On the needle front, Knitter’s Pride is coming out with larger sizes in their Carbonz needles.  Carbonz are made of a light weight carbon material with a nickel-plated brass tip.  The carbon fibre is very smooth so the yarn moves easily along the needle.  It is warm to the touch and has good flexiblity so it is easy on the hands. The Knitter’s Pride needles all have great tips on them so they are great for lace knitting as well as straight knitting..

We will have to wait until late summer, early fall for most of this to arrive but we do have a few of the Carbonz in 3.5mm 24″ circulars in stock if you wanted to try them out.  So knit up what you have in your stash and come in and get some cotton or linen blends to knit for the summer and then you can stock up on some of the great new yarn when it arrives!

Assorted Knitting Things I Love

Why do I love knitting?

I love all the beautiful colours in which yarns come.  Sometimes when I am walking around the yarn warehouse surrounded by thousands of balls of yarn of various colours and fibres it is just the colours of the yarn that call out to me.  Diamond yarn has a 100% silk lace weight yarn that the first time I saw it sitting on the warehouse shelf I knew I had to have it just for the colour.  It was a multicoloured blue, yellow and black that was just so striking. I didn’t know what I would do with it but I needed to have that yarn.  Luckily many of my customers agreed with me but I bet most of them had an idea what they would do with  it when they bought it.  I don’t need to know what I am going to do with I just need to have that colour.

I love all the different fibres that you can get.  The Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk Aran (unfortunately now discontinued, but we still have some in the store) is just so soft that I had to make something out of it.  It was the one when people asked for the softest yarn that  I directed them to.  Right now the Madeline Tosh sock for it’s colours and softness is one of my favourite yarns. It is 100% merino with a nice twist.

I love that sock yarn knits up magically into a pattern.  Sometimes you just have to keep knitting to see what will come up next.  People who don’t knit think you are so talented when it is really the yarn dyers who are so talented.

I love the click and feel of the needles as the yarn slides along them. A great pair of needles is essential to my knitting enjoyment.  The yarn has to move quickly and smoothly, no pushing or bunching allowed.  My needle of choice at the moment are Hiya Hiya circulars even when I am not knitting  in the round.  I like the short needle length that you get with a circular and that you can scrunch everything up onto the cable when you  want to put your project in a bag and not worry about the stitches falling off.

I love working on a pattern and seeing it slowly take shape.  I usually am impatient to finish the project so I can see how it will look but  I often stop and just look and feel the item I am working on and think this all started as a ball of yarn and now look at it. It seems almost magical the way the yarn twists and turns to make all the stitches in a pattern.

I also love that knitting requires you to sit down and just be.