Spring and Summer Yarns

Many people think that summer is not a good time for knitting.  They are missing out on some great yarns and patterns.  Summer yarns include cotton, linen, bamboo and silks.  The cottons are often blended with other fibres to give them some elasticity.

One of the new yarns from Berroco is Folio which is a  blend of alpaca and rayon.  It is so soft and light.  It would make a great shawl for a cool summer evening but would also be great as a winter scarf.

Summer is a great time for knitting small projects like socks, baby items and shawls.  There are so many great sock yarns and socks are the perfect project for travelling as they are so small.  I always like to buy a ball of sock yarn as a souvenir of my travels.  If you don’t want to make a pair of socks with it you can always make a shawl or scarf.  One ball is all you need, but who can choose just one when  they come in so many beautiful colours?  A ball of yarn is much easier to put in your suiutcase than some of the other things you might buy as a souvenir and it is some much more useful.

Summer is a great time to try out some lace patterns.  It doesn’t have to be anything complicated.  There are some simple lace patterns that are so beautiful.  Age of Brass and Steam is available as a free ravelry download at http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/the-age-of-brass-and-steam-kerchief.


There are some nice tees and cardigans that can be knit in cotton or cotton blends.  The new Sirdar Cotton DK book has some great summer patterns        sidarcotton.

For those of you are who are organized and thinking ahead, summer is a great time to start knitting presents for Christmas.  Maybe everyone is getting a hat or pair of socks for Christmas, starting early takes the pressure off the lead up to Christmas.  Maybe there is a mitten pattern you have always admired but have been too busy to try.  Now when things are a little more relaxed is good time to give it a try. Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to try and figure out what you are going to buy for everyone at the last minute?

Summer is when I tend to take on bigger projects as I have a bit more  time to work on them.  I often work on an afghan in the summer.  It helps to have a deadline so I actually finish my project.

Whatever you are thinking of knitting, come in check out our new spring and summer yarns. You are sure to find something that will inspire you.