Travel knitting

Do you spend more time deciding what knitting project to pack or what clothes to pack when you go away?  For me it is easier to choose what knitting to bring than what else to pack.  I usually take socks for knitting in the car or on the plane and something more complicated for when I feel like knitting and yarn that I have been wanting to make something with.  I usually take more than I could possible need but I don’t want to run out of things to knit.  I like to buy yarn as a souvenir of where I have travelled so end up with more than I left with.  Yarn is squishy and doesn’t weigh that much so it is easy to pack making it a great souvenir. It also means you get to go check out other yarn stores so that makes it an even better reason to make yarn your souvenir of your travels


Knitting on the Road – Sock Patterns for the Traveling Knitter  by Nancy Bush is a great little book to take along on your travels.  There are 17 sock patterns representing different places around the world.  There is even a Canada sock pattern. Some are lace some have cables and some are colour work  so there is something for all your knitting fancies.