Finding Out What is New

Every spring and fall, I drive to the yarn suppliers warehouses to find out what new things are coming out from the different yarn companies.  In the end of April, I went to visit the warehouses and saw a lot of the new yarns that are due out in the fall. Often the yarn companies have many similiar new items but this time they all had things that were a bit different.One company was showing more of the big chunky yarn where another company didn’t have anything chunkier than a yarn that calls for an 8 mm needle.

A couple companies are going to start carrying roving in different colours. One of the companies, Noro, which is well known for its colourful yarns is carrying a roving that comes in a big coil and is multicoloured. It would look nice just sitting on a table in its package. There is a new yarn by Mirasol called Yaya that is a single ply merino that is so soft.  It is like a roving and I love the name.

Two different companies have mixed packages of little balls of yarn for making dolls or toys so you don’t have to buy 50 or 100 gm balls when you only need a couple metres of diferent colours

Of course there are lot of new sock lines coming out or the fall.  Sirdar is coming out with its own sock line which is something new for Sirdar.  We sell a lot of their Snuggly baby yarn and their Cotton DK is also a really nice yarn so you know their sock yarn will be of good quality..


We are starting to carry a new line of yarn by a German company called RIco. They carry a full line of yarn from acrylics to cottons to merino.  We already have some of their cotton in both DK and aran weights in stock as well as some of their sock yarn.  We have a bamboo sock called Superba Bamboo that knits up in a pattern and another sock called Superba Poems ( shown above) which has long colour runs that would be great for shawls or designs where the long colour runs are used for interesting effects. Rico also has something called Sock Stop which is like a rubberized paint that you apply to the bottom of socks or slippers so they don’t slide.  It comes in diferent colours but at the moment we have the black in stock.

One of the fun things that Katia ha coming out for fall, are socks and hats that come in a kit.  The kit contains a knit stuffed animal that has live stitches that you pick and knit the scarf or hat with.  With the scarf the stuffed animal is on the ends and the hat has the stuffed animal as a pompom.