Summer Knitting

I hear all the time – “oh I don’t knit in the summer”.  Summer is the best time to knit.  How often do you have to move to find better light so you can see what you are knitting.  Do you turn on the light only to have someone say “turn off the light, I can’t see the TV”? In summer you can sit out in your back yard after dinner or on your front porch and listen to nature and see your knitting! There is light until almost 9:00 at night.  If you are an early riser, get up early and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and the great light for knitting before everyone else gets out of bed.

Summer is the time for travelling so why not take along a knitting project and use that travel time productively.  Whether it is by train plane or automobile, knitting will pass the time quickly. It doesn’t have to be a large project but why not get a start on some of those Christmas presents.  Maybe work on busting your stash. Go on Ravelry and search for one or two ball projects. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you have some Christmas presents taken care of early? Hats, mittens, cowls are small enough that you won’t get too hot knitting them. Maybe check for any single socks that you haven’t yet knit the second sock for and finish them off. Think of the satisfaction you get for finishing those UFOs ( unfinished objects).