Knitting Resolutions

It’s that time of year when you resolve to make changes in your life.  So what knitting resolutions could you make?  One thing I tried to do in the past year is to actually finish some of my UFOs ( unfinished objects).  I put all my half-completed ( some were more like 95% completed) projects in one drawer and then when I am looking for a new project I would see the incomplete ones and finish one of those before I let myself start a new project.  I was able to finish off some socks that had been sitting for quite a while unfinished. I like to have a few different things on the go so I can have some variety.  Sometimes you just don’t want to think about what you are knitting or have to count you stitches and that is when I choose to work on socks. If you finish something and then move onto something new you get variety, the spice of life,

This year I want to try some new techniques.  So far I have learnt a new provisional cast on.  I like it so much I have already used it on 4 different projects and we aren’t even half way through January yet.  It is great for the Burberry cowl, the 1898 hat (both patterns are on and another hat I am working on that has a cabled brim.  I had always hated the provisional cast on that uses a crocheted chain ( the most common provisional cast on) and so I would skip those patterns or figure out a different way to do the cast on. Now that I have learnt a new  provisional cast on I am trying it on all different projects.  I want to keep trying new techniques.   You never know when you find some new way to do something that you have always avoided doing. I wonder what technique or stitch I should try next?  I am thinking I want to try the stitch that looks like you have smocked your knitting.  Now I just have to remember where I saw the pattern that I admired.

To go along with trying new things, why not take a class to learn a new technique that you have shied away from because you thought it was too difficult.  You will learn something new and meet other knitters at the same time. Check out the classes page on the website to see what classes we are offering. What will your knitting resolutions be this year?phd