New to Rose’s – Shibui Knits, luxury knitting

We are so excited to have Shibui Knits now available.  The pattern support for these yarns is exquisite. The yarn has such great drape and fluidity.  These are garments that you will have for years and will never go out of style. The colours that Shibui Knit yarns come in are exquisite and run through the yarn line making it easier to combine the different yarns.

So far we have four of their yarns in stock – Drift, Silk Cloud, Cima and Twig – with more coming soon.

SIlk Cloud is one of the yarns for which Shibui is know.  It is a light air blend of 60% kid mohair and 40% silk. The glowing silk core and mohair haze make for a wonderful drape and stunning colour. It is perfect to use in combination with other yarns.

Drift is a worsted weight yarn of 85% merino and 155 cashmere for the feeling of pure luxury. It is perfect for scarves and accessories and has a lovely drape.

Cima is another one of the yarns for which Shibui is known.  It is a fingering weight blend of 70% baby alpaca and 30% merino. It knits up into a smooth fabric with beautiful drape.  It is often used in combination with their other yarns for a beautiful knit fabric.

Twig is a linen yarn in sport weight.  Its tweedy look gives garments a little bit of a rustic look. It is is crisp and flowing and will soften with every washing.

We have several patterns which are free with purchase of the corresponding yarns. I am itching to knit a few of them up. The colours of these yarns is almost luminescent. The simiplicity of the patterns with their unique details makes them timeless. Check out some of their designs at

Come in and check out this gorgeous new line.

Scarf knit with Shibui Knit yarn.