How Do I Get Rid of All Those UFO’s?

I have finished knitting a bunch of my knitting projects – my husband’s scarf that took almost 2 years to knit ( 4 different patterns, each ripped out when part way through the scarf until my husband and I finally both liked the pattern), Irena’s cat mittens and a couple of ribbed scarves. I made a bunch of cowls and some hats  – all quick projects.  I have gone through the house and put my UFO’s (unfinished objects) into bags so that I can just pick up the bag with one project in it. I, of course, have also started a few more projects as well. I have a shawl that is basically 2/2 ribbing and is about 24 inches wide which is more than half way done.  It is a little boring but I am sure it will be done before the end of the summer.  I have a summer short sleeved sweater that I put down probably more than 5 years ago and I only have from the arm holes up to do so it is more than half finished too. I am hoping to get that done so I can actually wear it this summer. I have a bunch of single socks waiting for mates but so many new sock yarns that I am not very motivated to do the matching socks. There are also a few smaller projects that I can pick up and finish fairly quickly. I will try to finish one UFO for every new project I start.

Working in a yarn store, I see new yarn all the time so it is hard sometimes not to start knitting with whatever yarn is the newest.  It is always nice when someone come in with a project that they have knit with yarn they purchased. It is almost like I had the experience of knitting it myself.  Sometimes you just want to see how the yarn knits up and seeing other people’s projects satisfies that urge.  Even helping someone pick out yarn for a project is almost as satisfying as picking it out for my own project.

Some yarns just call out to me to knit them and seeing others knit with them is not enough. One of those yarns is the Shibui line,  I have knit a cowl in the Drift, which is a worsted weight Merino and Cashmere blend. I am also knitting a scarf with their Lunar, which is a lace weight Merino and silk blend and their Twig which is a linen, silk  and wool blend.  You hold the two yarns together to give a fabric with wonderful texture and drape.I hope to finish it in the next week or so and then work some more on my UFO’s.  I am sure there will be some new yarn that will catch my eye and will have me casting on something new before I finish all my UFO’s.