Christmas is fast approaching

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Christmas is fast approaching so all knitters and crocheters are thinking about who would appreciate a handmade item. Who is worth the time and energy that goes into a hand knit gift? Who will really appreciate it? They are gifts made of love and time and hence are priceless but will the recipient think so?

I can’t remember a Christmas that I haven’t given at least one hand made gift. I am often knitting Christmas Eve to finish off a gift. I have also made a miniature version of a sweater when I knew I would not finish it before Christmas. It is now an ornament for our tree.

All of our Christmas stockings are handknit – mine by a great aunt and my husband’s and children’s by me. I copied my original stocking but each one is a little different, having different coloured heels or toes. I think they are special and will give a lifetime of memories.

I have given many hats, scarves and mittens as gifts. They have all been appreciated. When my brother was a pilot flying up north, the thick wool mittens I knit him were the only things that actually kept his hands warm. He still wears them 30 years later out working on the tractor. They have had the thumbs reknit but other than that they have held up very well. How many store bought items can you say that about?

My main problem is not starting to knit soon enough. It always seems like there is lots of time, until there isn’t. I always admire those, who in the summer, say they are working on Christmas gifts but it doesn’t seem to work for me. I would probably make it and want to give it right away.

So you have probably figured out I haven’t knit any presents yet or even thought of what I will maybe make. There is still another month and a half to go.

So is it going to be hats with that nice cashmere yarn or maybe some new mittens?